Diagnostic criteria for syndrome

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    1. Unstoppable need to move limbs associated with or caused by "uncomfortable" sensations in the lower limbs
    2. Motor impatiens or uncomfortable sensations only present or aggravated by rest, particularly in the lying or sitting position
    3. Symptoms improved partially or completely and temporarily by movement
    4. Appearance or worsening of symptoms in the evening or at night

    If there is any doubt, the doctor can look for additional criteria to confirm or refute the diagnosis:

    • Presence of Periodic Movements of lower limbs during sleep or waking (example of a patient in the video below)
    • Family History of RLS (or Ekbom Disease - MWE)
    • Positive response to dopaminergic treatments

    Finally the doctor can refine his diagnosis by checking:

    • Evolution of the disease: usually in a chronic mode with sometimes spontaneous remission phases
    • Sleep disturbance
    • Normal neurological examination in the idiopathic form
    • Some biological examinations can be requested for possible predisposing factors such as iron deficiency.
    • Clinical examination is necessary to eliminate other medical conditions that may affect the lower extremities and cause similar symptoms:

    o             neurological conditions (peripheral neuropathies) - muscular disorders

    o             vascular diseases (arterial diseases) - rheumatic diseases

    An electromyography examination for Best Treatment For Spider Vein performed by specialist neurologists may be required in some cases to eliminate peripheral nerve damage.

    Finally, depending on the case, a more specific examination is often performed: this is the video-polysomnographic recording of sleep, performed in specialized centers for the management of sleep pathologies. This examination confirms and objectifies, among other things, nocturnal motor hyperactivity, periodic limb movements and sleep disturbances.

    These criteria are based on the patient's own description of RLS symptoms, and are therefore purely subjective and defined as follow

    In the idiopathic form, neurological status is usually normal. The age of onset is very variable, ranging from childhood to the elderly, the evolution is usually slowly progressive with significant fluctuations, temporary remissions are frequent, may last several months, and this regardless of drug treatment.

    Familial aggregation of restless legs syndrome has been noted on many occasions, suggesting genetic susceptibility, as well as good agreement in homozygous twins. It should nevertheless be noted that, in the latter case, it can also be a great appearance age difference between the two twins, suggesting either a polygenic effect, a significant environmental influence. A susceptibility locus has been identified on the small arm of chromosome.

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