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  • From a semiological point of view, it is akathisia that represents one of the most difficult differential diagnoses, especially since some causes are common, such as taking narcoleptics. In restless legs syndrome, the provocative effects of rest and sitting, the unpleasant sensation better defined and localized than in akathisia, the disappearance of sensation during activity help in diagnosis. Muscle cramps can sometimes impose on a restless leg syndrome. The usually unilateral contracture waking the patient rather than preventing him from falling asleep is an argument for cramp rather than for restless leg syndrome. The syndrome painful legacies and moving toes can also sometimes impose for a syndrome of the legs without rest. In this situation, the movements are distal, continuous, accompanied by pain observable whatever the position. Finally, nocturnal periodic movements can be mimicked by other movements such as hypnologic jerks, nocturnal epileptic seizures, and so on. In case of doubt, a polysomnography allows to specify this semiology.



    Restless leg syndrome can be idiopathic or secondary. The appearance in childhood or in the young adult, as well as a family history will evoke the first possibility. At later onset, a secondary form will be evoked and actively sought (Table 3). Indeed, this syndrome can be promoted by iron deficits, 10 and ferritin less than 50 micrograms per liter merit supplementation. Diabetes and renal failure 11 are also frequently associated, especially when complicating polyneuropathy. Finally, the syndrome can appear during pregnancy where it culminates happily in the third trimester to improve after childbirth.

    Some medications for Spider Vein Treatment Texas promote the development of restless legs syndrome. In the foreground are neuroleptics and caffeine. Tricyclic and serotonergic antidepressants also deserve mention in the sense that they are sometimes prescribed as a treatment for restless legs syndrome.

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    As a first step, the Spider Vein Treatment Near Me will be done once they are discovered. Particular attention will be paid to detecting and eliminating drugs and substances that may cause the syndrome. Lifestyles will be improved by providing moderate and regular physical exercise and regular sleep habits to avoid naps. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and heavy meals before bedtime. Finally, a warm bath before bedtime, by changing the circadian rhythm of the temperature, 19 may decrease the evening paresthesia.

    The exact physiopathological mechanisms and the causes of the syndrome of the legs without rest being, at the moment, essentially unknown, it is, in particular in the primary syndromes, of symptomatic treatments. Before introducing such treatments, the discomfort that restless leg syndrome causes to the patient will be evaluated. For this evaluation, we can use the international evaluation scale for restless legs syndrome. This questionnaire, comprising ten questions rated between 0 and 4, makes it possible to estimate the severity, from low: 0-10, to very severe: 30-40. In mild cases, we will reassure the patient and we will be able to cope with the symptoms thanks to the rules of hygiene of life. When discomfort is greater, treatment for Spider Vein Houston will be introduced taking into account the main complaint

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