THE PLAYERS Championship

  • Due to its positive reception the first time around, the Power Rankings for THE PLAYERS Championship covers the entire field of 144 at TPC Sawgrass.To get more golf news, you can visit shine news official website.

    The full-field format that we launched for the Masters hit the target, so this weekly preview material will reprise for the final three majors of the season as well. This means that all Sleepers that are usually found in their stand-alone space are also below for these special events. The Fantasy Insider column will still run, but it'll be abridged. This page opens as usual with 20 in the traditional ranking. Beneath it are numerous groupings of the remainder of the field, details on the course and its latest changes, defending champion Si Woo Kim, the weather, my writing schedule and as much space as you want and need for discussion and a Q&A.

    For a guy who has earned so much attention on the West Coast Swing and points elsewhere, his devil-may-care style doesn't cater to the hazards of TPC Sawgrass. That he prevailed here in 2007 easily is one of the most underrated victories of his Hall of Fame career. As he sizes up the latest course modifications, he's attempting to turn around a slate that warrants lowered expectations in his 25th appearance. Since 2013, he's just 1-for-5 with a T41 last year. Of course, 2018 has shaped up as everything but, so something will give for the 48-year-old. Just about any other week and the 22 golfers in this section could populate the Power Rankings proper and few would gripe about their inclusion.

    For the handful still building cachet on the game's biggest stage, their appearance below has more to do with surging form upon arrival than success or experience at TPC Sawgrass. Meanwhile, the household names sprinkled in have earned their benefit of the doubt due to enough recent form or having proven that they can tame TPC Sawgrass, just not both. When it comes to THE PLAYERS Championship, Sleepers are relative due to the depth of the field. Similarly to Challengers above but sans the punch of familiarity, they conjoin here as having either especially strong recent form but with little experience at TPC Sawgrass or whiffs of recent form with a body of success on the course. This smattering of 27 includes a boatload of experience but it's been a while since it translated into success at TPC Sawgrass if at all. Failure to perform could be due to a poor fit as a general profile or it could very well boil down to the absence of a comfort level and understanding of how to adjust to this course with danger lurking everywhere. The two first-timers are on the rise but have exhibited enough inconsistency to warrant patience. To that end, their inclusion here is a relative endorsement. Every tournament consists of golfers who haven't played well in it before or recently, don't have enough experience to lift expectations, arrive dealing with a known physical injury or simply are in poor form.

    The following 38 check at least one of those boxes and don't suggest to be categorized elsewhere. Augusta National Golf Club has a few more decades of tradition than TPC Sawgrass, but the two tracks share a stingy similarity. Just as there have been only three first-time participants to prevail at the Masters (two of which in the first two editions), only three of the 44 winners of THE PLAYERS Championship connected for victory in their debuts. And when you eliminate Jack Nicklaus at Atlanta Country Club in the inaugural edition in 1974, you're left with only two in 36 contests at TPC Sawgrass – Hal Sutton (1983) and Craig Perks (2002). Last year's debutants were led by Alex Noren at solo 10th. The 17 of the 20 first-timers in this year's field who don't appear in a previous section are slotted below.