Is It Legal To Buy Cigarettes Online

  • If you live in the United States you have to pay a very high price for your cigarettes. So it is common sense to look for a cheaper source and the better price while not changing the quality of your cigarettes, and continuing to smoke cigarettes made in the United States. The only way to do so is to buy cigarettes online on websites such as By buying your cigarettes online you will save thousands of dollars every year and you will not have to change the quality of your favorite smokes. Why ? Because the cigarettes that we are providing here on this site are all made in America. They are simply sold at duty-free prices.

    Many people wonder how can we sell cigarettes for such a low price? The answer is very simple: it’s because we are getting  these cigarettes in tax-free places and countries such as Venezuela or the Caribbean island and we ship them worldwide using regular post carrier. This allows us to sell cigarettes made in the USA for less than $30 per carton of 200 cigarettes. The good thing about this is that the quality of the cigarettes remains the same, the only thing that changes is the price.

    Is it legal to buy cigarettes online ?

    Many people do not know it but yes it is perfectly legal to buy cigarettes online as long as you do not order more than two cartons of cigarettes. There is absolutely no law saying that you cannot purchase your cigarettes online. Legally, as long as you do it for your personal use and not for resale, there is totally no problem in buying them online. Just do not get involved in re-selling them to other people and keep them for your own use.

    Where can I buy my cigarettes from ?

    You will love our article on the 5 best websites to buy cigarettes online because it list the five most popular websites selling tobacco online. You can select the one you prefer and place your order right away. Remember that on our store we are selling Marlboro, Camel, Newport, Silk cut, Winston and many other brands that are for the most made in the USA.

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