The first formal meeting of the road to exile is the ExileCon i

  • If you haven't played that kind of free gameplay yet - RPG Path Of Exile is very popular right now, and the developer Grinding Gear Games is very clear. They announced ExileCon, a two-day fan conference dedicated to defeating monsters until players win the final victory in the war. From November 16th to the 17th, this will be a very large event for those who participate and provide some important notices to distant audiences. And this event is not in California or other desolate places, this event will be held in New Zealand, and is held in the developer's hometown of Auckland.

    ExileCon will use the Path. Exile update 4.0.0 extension and the major announcement of the 3.9.0 small extension in December. It will also feature developer lectures, tournament finals, playable demos of upcoming content, face-to-face chats with viewers and more. Announced keynote speeches and competitions will also be broadcast live for non-participants free of charge, so fans who do not have the opportunity to participate will not feel lost, because you can enjoy these fun activities with friends on the spot at home.Buy POE Currency

    Grinding Gear is only publicly planned for a year, so it's not surprising, but I really feel that the studio's first game target device is growing, and they are constantly growing, so we are very pleased.

    Tickets are available on POE Trade the ExileCon website. Their price is $200 (£150), tickets for dinner and other more special tickets are sold out.

    If they plan to go to New Zealand, will the participants not stare at the mountains in the entire "meeting" and swim in the lake?