Getting Braces: What Are The Types Of Braces Available For Adul

  • Despite the widespread use many people still fear the option of braces. Braces may be challenging but are nothing to fear for. 

    Some people worry about uneasiness or discomfort, but these are just initial symptoms that may or may not be the same for everyone. After some time, these initial symptoms will fade away once you get used to the braces. 


    Bottom teeth braces are also possible if you have relatively straight upper teeth. Crooked teeth are visible while you talk and they might pose a risk. One of the biggest benefits associated with braces is correcting your bite. Crooked or crowded teeth usually affect your bite. Having a misalignment can lead to person grinding teeth together which might lead to difficulty in chewing. 

    Visit your orthodontist and check how small your teeth are. Crooked small teeth are can be fixed by using braces but if you are thinking of changing the size of your teeth than it is recommended that you consult your orthodontist. Your dentist will check how small your teeth are and may prescribe you accordingly. There are now mini teeth braces available that can be attached to most types of teeth. 

    What are my options?

    When you go to consult your orthodontist, you can ask him/her about the options for Adult Braces Option. A variety of orthodontic options exist for adults looking into getting braces.If you are considering putting on braces, there are plenty of types of braces such as:

    Traditional Metal Braces: are the least expensive braces available. These are worn by both children and adults. It comprises of metal brackets and metal wire which help align the teeth in their respective places. Although today these metal braces are available in much lighter weight and are tinier. The best thing about these braces is that these are affordable and show lasting effects.

    Ceramic Braces: Is one of the most used types of braces. They fit onto the teeth more naturally. These are similar to the colour of the teeth and come with a transparent ceramic bracket. They have an advantage over metal braces as these are less noticeable. The only con is that these are expensive than metal braces and needs constant brushing. 

    Lingual Braces: are virtually invisible as these are applied on the inside. This makes lingual braces the best option for adults. These are custom made for each patient and due to its uniqueness; it costs much higher than the standard braces option. These are generally not recommended as patients have to wear these longer as compared other braces. 

    Invisalign: is basically an orthodontic tool custom made to fit your teeth. It looks like a mouth guard and is the best alternative to traditional metal braces. These are needed to be changed every two weeks. With every new Invisalign, the treatment gets better. Sometimes Invisalign is worn to support the teeth after the standard braces treatment.

    You can also wear invisible braces or removable aligners when needed. If you decide to get invisible braces, your dentist will take a mould of your teeth and create specialized clear trays that fit your mouth. This tray is removable and is a great option for people who are not comfortable with other options. 

    If there is any discomfort at the start, feel free to consult your orthodontist and ask for a pain reliever if needed. The most important thing here is that you pay attention to your nutrition and eat healthy and comfortable food.  Food like yogurt, mashed potatoes, rice or soup is easy to chew and helps you avoid ache in teeth or jaw. 

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