Official Classic Server Forums Aflame in Class Balance Debate

  • The World of Warcraft classic server forums take fire with several threads being closed as a result of toxicity. The flames erupted after one from the WoW community staff opened a discussion regarding the possibility that classes would perhaps undergo some kind of Warmane Icecrown Gold balance tweaking for that upcoming classic version with the game. Community manager Ythisens stated his personal opinion that this discussion of class balance in WoW classic was obviously a worthy topic.

        I personally think its fair to have a very discussion about classes/specs in Classic, considering class balancing as being a philosophy didn't exist back then because it does now. The idea of the "hybrid tax" was obviously not very good within the grand scheme of overarching class design and yes it made some specs arguably not viable/unplayable. I'm not suggesting we make huge changes or maybe small changes whatsoever for that matter, but that it can be a worthwhile conversation to get.

        It's more of your personal opinion. As you've read numerous times, the c's for Classic is only now joining together, so I wouldn't say there's most of an opinion internally one way or other.

    Posters came into your thread with passionate responses on both sides on the issue. Community management felt which the discussion wasn't productive and flew inside the face with the intent of the civil discourse for the matter.

    The idea with the thread, among others like it, is always to help inform the vision in the classic servers that Blizzard is putting forth. With the Classic team just now forming, everything is from the earliest stage of planning broke and alone set in stone. This is often a point made repeatedly because of the community team then one that many posters gave the impression to ignore.

    The heated discussion continued until Community Manager Ornyx stepped straight into remind posters that using trial accounts to write about the forums is really a privilege, but one that may be rescinded without notice if they can not adhere towards the stated forum rules that will not allow for trolling or personal attacks on other posters.

        A few things have already been taken out of context here, and I just wished to course correct and claim that nothing for Classic is in effect.

        We desire to work while using Community on making sure we can easily do World of Warcraft: Classic the correct way. We would like to listen to your opinions from the players that have worked to access where we're now.

        We don't need players on our forums attacking 1 another left and right. People are free to own their opinions, on both sides these arguments, and we will likely be following them closely.

        We won't, however, play in to the hands of folks directing their followers to generate attacks against our community you aren't conflagrate the town we have on these forums.

        I have read the majority from the discussion within this thread, and I think it's easy to determine that a lot of posters allow me to share against changes to class balance in all forms in Classic. I'll be sure that feedback is offered when the time comes correctly. I think this thread has served its purpose as well as the feedback is clear.


        A word of warning: we're traversing to a huge surge in outgoing forum moderation and punishments for harassment and toxicity from those who are participating in this particular forum with no active subscription. We would very much like to hold this option open, as I personally know that Classic players would possibly not necessarily play in Legion. However, whether or not this becomes the very best move for your community, and maintain a constructive environment, I am not averse to flipping the switch and returning this forum to subscribers only. Please be conscious of how you are treating the other person, and please be sure your posts are constructive and gives good context for that thread you could be posting in. Thanks!

    There are two other discussions in regards to the notion of classic servers and possible tweaks for quality lifestyle or for better class balance. One is closed, additional still ongoing.

    What do you think on the things how the Community Team said? What is it that produces the "vanilla experience"? How can the c's best serve its community? Leave us your thoughts from the comments. Don't hesitate, there's cheap Warmane Gold available for purchase in MMOAH.