PokerStars PokerStars 7.2 Billion Hand Flower Fall in Czech Rep

  • Now, we are happy to tell you that the story of the 7.2 billion hand 카지노사이트of PokerStars finally won the climax of the whole story yesterday. The key to bringing the whole story to a climax is a Texas Hold'em player Kozlicek_x from the Czech Republic.
    In the entire chapter on the story of PokerStars' 7.2 billion hand, Kozlicek_x has been a humble character that was drowning on Sunday's record-breaking prime time. But in the prime time of yesterday, the role of a person has changed. Yesterday's PokerStars had a total of 410,000 Texas Hold'em players playing online at the same time. Even the very strong PokerStars server said, "It's already full!" But Kozlicek_x still grabbed the seat, which is the location he grabbed, and became the key to the climax of the whole story.
    Kozlicek_x sat on the NLHE table with a blind level of 0.02/0.05. This is a micro-note poker game, and almost no one can make a good profit in this Texas Hold'em game. But everything changed yesterday.
    Now, more than 400,000 Texas Hold'em players can only hate and hate the poker players who are lucky enough to send their PokerStars 7.2 billion hands. Because this lucky one has already been produced, Kozlicek_x sent to the PokerStars 7.2 billion hand and won $24,300! In addition, due to PokerStars' 10th anniversary, every poker player participating in this hand can still guarantee a $10,000 prize.
    This may be the luckiest day for Kozlicek_x this year. Not only did he send a pair of 7 before the flop, but he also hit the Dark 3 on the flop and took the $27 pot. So he got an extra $24,300 in prize money.