EPT London Main Event Benny Spindler has no choice but to show

  • At the 2011 PokerStars.com EPT London Main Event, 26-year-old German poker player Benny Spindler made a big splash. He broke through from 691 poker players and won the final championship. Spindler has achieved great success both online and on-site poker. In this competition, he defeated Steve O’Dwyer of the United States on the heads-up table and won the title of the first major 카지노사이트competition in his career and a prize of £750,000. O’Dwyer received a prize of £465,000.
    London is the third site of the European Poker Tour season 8. The EPT London Main Event took place in the Hilton City Hotel for 7 days, with a prize pool of up to £3,351,350, which is equivalent to approximately $5.17 million. Prior to this victory, Spindler's live tournament revenue had reached nearly $2 million. Steve O'Dwyer of the United States won the second place. This is also the best result in his current position career.
    "I don't play poker for the championship, but for the money." Spindler told reporters after the heads-up match. He is a very quiet person who likes to be a nameless person and live a low-key life. However, he has achieved many successes in recent years, so it is difficult to keep a low profile. “It’s cool to win a big tournament, but it’s also caused a lot of media attention. I really don’t like it.” “I don’t want to be seen as a rich poker player. I just want to be a regular public. One member."
    Prior to this competition, Spindler's best result was the third place in the 2009 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, which received a prize of $1.1 million. In fact, the last three strong Spindler, Anthony Greg and the final champion Poorya Nazari split the pot. Spindler got the biggest share and was successfully placed outside the champion interview.
    His second best result was a $469,000 prize in the $25,000 buy-in of the EPT Madrid finals last year. But this time Spindler was finally squeezed into the championship circle and had to deal with a series of follow-up questions such as interviews, media photography and questions.
    Spindler said that he would not do too exaggerated things about this victory, he would rather not want this in the future. "It would be great if you could earn enough money by playing Texas Hold'em, so I don't have to worry about living in the future," Spindler said. Now about $3 million in bonus revenues are getting closer and closer to Spindler's goals.