Lillard approved Paul layup no sportsmanship

  • Trail Blazers 112-121 lost to the rocket. At the end of Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins the fourth quarter, with 12.8 seconds left, Paul's unmanned layup caught the Blazers' resentment.
    Lillard was very angry about Paul's final layup, and he rushed to shoot the basketball right away.
    After the match, Lillard referred to this behavior and said: "First of all, we lost the game. This layup will not affect the outcome of the competition, so I will not feel very angry."
    "They won the game, performed better and did what we could not do, but in terms of sportsmanship, you know, respect, respect is important.If both of us play roles, I do not think They will like this. "
    Lillard said after Paul layup, he stepped forward and asked, "What will the ball have for you?" Paul replied: "None of you are on the defensive."
    After the game, Trail Blazers Stoudemire was NBA Live Mobile Account also asked about the layup. He said: "Paul can do whatever he wants, though most people do not do that most of the time, and it's a common custom, but my thinking is that we have more important things than this Things need to be caring. "
    The game, Lillard comeback appearances 32 minutes, got 29 points, 5 rebounds and 8 assists.