Redick Fults looks good

  • According to NBC, after finishing the NBA Live Mobile Coins team's training today, 76ers guard JJ Reddyck said he was impressed with the progress made by Mark Furtz.

    "Really, he looks great, he looks very good, his performance impressed me, especially considering that he has been recuperated for so long, for a long time never played five dozen, I think he looks like Very good, "said Redick.

    Brett Brown, the 76ers head coach, said the measure of when Richts returns is "whether his shoulder discomfort affects his shots," and he understands that 76ers fans are hungry for Fürth's return.

    "I know, Philly fans desperate for success," Brown said. "They're curious what happened to Fultz, our fans have endured many times higher overall pick out for some time and even the case of a season, and now they The whole thing we knew very well was wondering what happened to Fultz and in my opinion the urgency of the fans was proof of their interest in the growing team. "