FIFA 18 Experience: The Best FIFA 18 Match and Forward Speed

  • FIFA 18 Experience: The Best FIFA 18 Match and Forward Speed
    1. I have drew 200,000, and the best is the black card Mertens of 87. At the moment, I’ve got seven idol cards: goalkeeper: Yassin; defender: Carlos and Zanetti; Midfield: Matthaus, 86 Vieira, Rijkaard; front line: Patrick Kluivert. I’m still drawing and I’m going to change the LF’s Mahne to either Cristiano or Henry. Now, the price of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, JuanMiguelMaldonado and Pelé is all very expensive. If only with the current drawing package returns, it needs some days to get one of them, where to buy reliable fifa coins so I have to wait until I can buy it.
    2. The feel of the match must be totally different, and the biggest change is the goal and the speed of shooting. Shot won’t appear the situation of delay and the velocity so fast that is like the shell, so the best way to attack is quickly pass into the box, and give the ball to a player who shoots well.
    3. The forwards who have speed can bring huge benefits. Bale is behind the defender, but he can easily run over defender to get the ball, (Of course, the price of speedy attacking players are not low) so attacking needs speed. The players who are good at passing have huge advantages.
    4. Goals are easier than before.
    5. The difficulty of defense has been increased, especially for the fast crossing into the restricted area. Because the shooting is without delay and the ball is fast, so at this stage, you should invest the speedy forward, and strengthen the interception, but do not let the other side pass the ball into the restricted area.
    6. SM and high level players can not play all the advantages in current stage.

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