Which Airlines Offer Free Stopovers

  • Most people tend to search for the most direct way to reach their destination. In order to reduce their travel times, they look for the shortest flight route and the least number of stops. But, some long flight trips offer people add an entirely new place in the tour itinerary – with no (or nominal) extra cost. These are stopover flights that facilitate travelers to visit more countries for less. Would you not take the opportunity to add an entire city or two in your travel itinerary while booking cheap flights deals to Draper? You should if time is not a constraint.

    Let’s have a look at some popular airlines that offer a range of stopovers for free:

    • Icelandair

    This specific airline facilitates its travelers to add a free stopover in Reykjavík. Even you can enjoy the stopover up to seven nights while you can connect to a local Icelander who can take you to the city trip for free.

    • Finnair

    While flying to Helsinki, you can include a stopover to watch the Northern Lights in Finland.

    • Japan Airlines

    This airline offers a wide range of stopovers so that the travelers can choose based on their final destinations.

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