• NOT ONE IN A MILLION An Autobiography by O.P Singhania with Lory Pattanaik

    This book is written for every Indian aspiring to be successful, especially the youth, for whom O.P Singhania has immense affection. His intuitive rapport with the simplest and humblest people is in itself an indication of his innate simplicity.

    “To be honest, I didn't forget my father's words. His blessings and confidence made me what I am today. As I thought of narrating my journey, a lump was forming in my throat because it still seems to me that no autobiography can claim to document every detail of your life.

    There are bound to be issues for some personal or perhaps confidential ethos that can not be written about for one reason or another. But I set out to make my journey's account as close as I can to a full story.” - O.P Singhania

    This book as a thumb sketch of Mr. OP Singhania-  best Chartered Accountant in Chattisgarh. There are many incidents that have been inadvertently dropped and many gone unrecorded, but you will find a beautiful blend of stories related to his personalupliftment and professional achievements narrated by the stalwart himself.

    Not one in a million – An Autobiography by O.P Singhania with Lory Pattanaik drives you to a common man’s journey and how Life has been to him. Life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns, love and loss. And life would not be worth experiencing if it weren’t just that. You can’t have the good without the bad, you need to learn to accept the bad and adjust it in a way that you can endure and overcome. Life forces upon you emotions those are strange. Strange in the sense that one moment you are up, flying high as a kite, feeling ecstatic, grateful and full of love. While the next moment you are down, feeling all anxious and what to do next. And so far the context with O.P Singhania , who confessesto have learnt a lot from his past years of success cycle which came to me as a blessing in disguise. So cut yourself some slack. There’s nothing wrong with feeling cranky and down from time to time.

    Every stage of life is unique. At any age and stage, there are obstacles and opportunities, trials and triumphs. Make the most of the positive opportunities overcoming the negative that brings you to a sudden halt.

    Have you ever pondered with this question: Why am I unhappy?

    The question in itself carries in it the virus that will destroy everything. So allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling without judging and condemning yourself. Understand positive people get angry too. Positive people have bad days as well. So just be gentle with yourself. Never burden yourself in vain. Give yourself that space without labelling it as good or bad. Then you will see how miracles will happen.