How to Store Pizza to Keep it Fresh and Tasty

  • Pizza is an Italian dish and perhaps the most common and popular meal that you can get with the good arrangement because this food comes in large pieces. So you can enjoy pizza as lunch or even as a snack or breakfast on the next day. If you want to eat pizza for more than one meal, then you must store it properly. Leaving pizza at room temperature can help to grow bacteria. Some of the toppings like meat, vegetables, and cheese can harbor bacteria if it's not stored properly. You can follow the guidelines provided by the Dept. of Agriculture to keep pizza fresh.



    Keep your Pizza Heated Up

    After the delivery, you should store your pizza in the oven if you are going to eat soon. It will keep pizza warm and prevent the growth of bacteria. Normally, the growth of bacteria multiplies within 40-140 degrees Fahrenheit. If you leave your pizza at room temperature, then the chance of growing bacteria are high.

    Freeze or Cool Your Pizza

    If you can't eat the whole pizza, keep your food in the freezer or refrigerator within 2 hours of delivery or as soon as possible. Your freezer should be set at 0 degrees Fahrenheit for stopping bacterial growth. You can prevent the growth of bacteria by putting the pizza in the fridge to thaw. While storing the pizza, your fridge must be set at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower to block the growth of bacteria.

    Check the Carriers

    Whenever you order the pizza from a restaurant, the delivery man will come to your place with your pizza. Check the carrier that brings your food. Make sure your pizza comes within a thermal delivery bag. Pizza delivery bags can keep the pizzas hot and fresh longer. Also, it prevents bacterial growth inside the pizza. So, whenever you order a pizza, make sure your delivery man brings your pizza with a pizza delivery bag or scooter/GRP box.

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    Properly Reheat Your Pizza

    When you take out your old pizza from the refrigerator, you should reheat your pizza up to 165 degrees. Utilize a thermometer to monitor the internal temperature of the oven. Also, it will kill the bacteria that grew food after or before delivery. All parts of your pizza might not be heated at the same time. So, ensure that your pizza gets heated by using a thermometer every time you reheat it.