4 Types of Slots That Change the History of Online Casino

  • Technological innovation gives the online slot a boost. Using the advantage of technology, users can enjoy a more appealing experience by utilizing online slots. There are certain slots have been more influential in history that other slots. In this blog, we are going to discuss five types of online slots that change the history of online slots.

    1. The Video Slot

    Until 1976, Physical spinning reels of symbols were the beginning and end of slot machine mechanics when Las Vegas-based Company Fortune Coin developed the first-ever video slot machine. The display was based around a 19 inch Sony TV set, and the first-ever video slot was based in the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. On novelty value alone it proved to be hugely popular and, after the first bugs and glitches were ironed out, it was approved by the Nevada State Gaming Commission and spread like wildfire through the casinos of Las Vegas.

    2. The Progressive Slot

    A progressive slot is a single machine linked to many others and sharing a large jackpot. It was designed based on the simple fact that the casino slot machines took up a lot of room without being able to give the kind of big jackpots that attract gamblers. The answer was created in 1986, and it was called Megabucks. Rather than being just one machine, megabuck was a network of linked machines which meant that, with more money being taken in, bigger jackpots could be offered.

    It is now available as a classic 3 reel or more complex 5 reel slot, Cash Splash is still amazingly popular, something which can be defined by a jackpot in the tens of thousands of pounds paying out on a regular basis.

    3. The Branded Slot

    Over time, slot machines even the online variety made do with themes based around the traditional symbols or variations like playing cards. This changed in 2005 when Tomb Raider was unveiled as the first officially branded online slot. The game itself was a 5 reel, 15-payline slot, with the player able to choose which pay lines to bet on. What truly set it apart, however, was the tie-in with an iconic video game character. The appeal that this held for gamblers was so clear that branded slots went on to become pretty much par for the course, from superheroes through rock groups to humble board games.

    4. The 3D Slot

    There’s an argument that simply spinning reels are pretty hypnotic in their own terms, but the technology of online slots means that much more is possible, and the launch of the Jack and the Beanstalk slot in 2013 showed just how much more. This game featured the kind of striking visuals more commonly found on video games themselves, and it heralded an era in which playing the latest slots became just as much about entertainment, storytelling and stunning graphics as it was about actually winning.

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