Versatility and Modularity of a Delivery Bag That Provides to Y

  • For high customer fulfillment, you want the best delivery bag that provides to your customer. This means choosing for a delivery bag that preserves the integrity, quality, and purity of your food items. Understanding the important details that affect the functionality of your food delivery bag is crucial.

    By utilizing a food delivery bag with shelves or racks, insulation, and temperature-maintaining technologies, you can make sure hot food stays hot and cold food stays cold.

    A zipper closure system, sturdy yet lightweight manufacturing, antibacterial materials, and water-repellant exteriors preserve your deliveries from damage.

    Lightweight materials, safety lights, and a delivery bag tailored to your selected transport method improve safety and ergonomics.

    Thermabags provides delivery bags that include all these features. We take quality, customer satisfaction, and innovation seriously. That is why we constantly provide our customer’s high-quality, flexible, and customized delivery bag solutions for their business.




    Versatility and Modularity

    Processing multiple orders instead of a single order helps the business to deliver more and to increase the return for the outlet. For this reason, the delivery bags should be able to provide separators/racks and to better prepare the food inside the bag. This will help your delivery team to complete delivering more orders faster. On the other hand, delivering a single order will not only exhaust your driver but will also slow your delivery service.

    Besides the internal rack/shelf, the delivery bag can have an internal heated shelf which is produced to raise the temperature of the bag. It is simple to set up and easy to apply. This add-on is highly required by the restaurant owners that have their customer receiving the orders at suboptimal temperatures.

    Internal heated bag, on the other hand, is an insulated delivery bag that keeps food hot for a long period of time. This internal shelf is ideal for restaurants that need a heated solution for part of their menu. Therefore, the delivery bag can provide cold and hot foods in the same delivery, making it modular.

    The internal cold compartment has the same functions as the internal heated bag except it keeps cold items cold beside the hot items during delivery.

    Finally, the cold beverage is used for providing beverages. It's usually located on the top of the backpack utilizing pre-installed webbing stitched under the bag handles.

    At Thermabags, you can order your thermal bags even for small quantities of 5 bags with your design, branding, and size at very economical prices and quick delivery.