Foundry industry is closely related to machinery industry

  • Foundry industry is closely related to machinery industry. The development of machinery industry will directly drive the development of foundry industry. Especially at present, several pillar industries supporting the rapid development of the machinery industry-automobiles, power generation equipment, machine tools, etc. are closely related to the casting industry and have obvious driving effects. Therefore, in the long run, China's foundry industry has a good development trend and many opportunities.

    Looking back on the late 1990s, China's annual output of wear resistant casting was about 10 million tons. Since 1999, China's annual output of castings has been continuously rising. In 1999, 12.65 million tons, in 2000, 13.95 million tons, in 2001, 14.89 million tons, and in 2002, 16.26 million tons. However, at present, China is still a big casting country, not a powerful one.

    "Big" is mainly manifested in many factories and high output. "Weak" is manifested in management, product quality, process equipment, production efficiency and energy consumption, environmental protection and production concentration. Therefore, President Guo believes that the key to revitalizing China's foundry industry lies in these aspects. In particular, casting exports should be taken as a breakthrough to revitalize the casting industry.

    Increase investment in science and technology to effectively promote independent innovation, China's foundry enterprises have obviously insufficient research and development and innovation capabilities, and the technical content and added value of products are not high.

    In history, China was one of the earliest inventors of foundry, with many brilliant achievements. However, in the past 100 years, none of the more than 30 major foundry inventions in the world is Chinese. In terms of research and development innovation, we have lagged behind the developed industrial countries. Most of the castings we produce are products with low technology content and low added value. Few of the castings have self-owned intellectual property rights and enjoy international reputation. Some key castings with high technical requirements in industrial production have to be imported.

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