Looking for Excellent Manufacturers of Nickel Hard Iron Casting

  • We offer our customers a range of high quality nickel hard castings made from high quality raw materials. These Ni-hard Iron Castings can be customized to our valued customer specifications. These Ni-hard castings are well known for their durability and quality.

    Ni-hard iron castings is commonly used in housings, gearboxes or machine tools. Hardness can be increased by adding alloying elements, usually chromium, nickel or copper. This allows the use of cast iron to begin to enter areas where wear resistant castings is critical.

    Shenyang Gongda have the expertise to manufacture and supply high quality nickel hard castings.We have a strong R&D team, with more than 30 years of professional engineers engaged in metal casting and machining. We can develop and produce products according to customers' drawings and requirements.

    In the electrical, engineering, mechanical and automotive industries, it is necessary to cast metal objects such as frames and covers, which are essentially excellent conductors. Our quality controllers make it easy to get this Ni Hard Casting at the best market price.

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