Gongda is dedicated to manufacturers and suppliers of high qual

  • Since 2003, Shenyang Gongda has been committed to being a high-quality manufacturer and supplier of high-quality metal castings. He specializes in the production, processing and processing of wear resistant castings, alloy steel castings and copper aluminum alloy castings. As a well-known wear-resistant material processing center, it specializes in providing services for key industries such as mining, milling, earthwork, building materials, power stations, etc.

    In addition, Gongda also undertakes the production of original equipment manufacturers, numerical control processing and assembly of casting products of various materials. We have an enterprise resource planning management system and passed ISO 9001 certification. Standardized operating procedures ensure reliable products and services.

    We have a strong R&D team, with more than 30 years of professional engineers engaged in metal casting and machining. We can develop and produce products according to customers' drawings and requirements.

    We have our own testing laboratory and advanced and complete testing equipment. According to customer requirements, we can carry out chemical composition analysis, microstructure analysis, dye penetration test, magnetic particle test, indoor ultrasonic test, etc. , and provide quality inspection report, including chemical composition, mechanical properties, size inspection and non-destructive inspection report, etc.

    Gongda's parts portfolio is outstanding in today's industry, and as new machines enter the market, the variety of parts is also expanding, making Gongda an excellent comprehensive wear-resistant parts manufacturer.

    Shenyang Gongda's key service is to develop high-quality products for the high-end market. gongda has rich experience and long history in this industry. With cooperation at home and abroad, technological progress and high-quality products have ensured the provision of efficient and reliable services to customers for many years.

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