Shenyang Gongda is a famous manufacturer and supplier of high q

  • Wear is damage to a solid surface caused by relative movement between the solid surface and one or more contact substances. Wear is "to wear any part of a material by rubbing against another surface." So today we have a look at abrasion resistant castings.

    Shenyang Gongda Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a prominent and highly recognized manufacturer and supplier of high quality metal castings, founded in 2003, specializes in the production, machining and R&D of wear resistant castings, alloy steel castings and Cu & Al alloy castings for mining, milling, earth handling, building materials, power stations, and other key industries, with an annual production capacity of about 10,000 tonnes.

    Products mainly focus on high chromium white iron castings, nickel hard castings, high manganese steel castings, high alloy steel castings, various grades of copper and aluminum alloy castings, gray iron castings and ductile iron castings, and heavy castings up to single piece of 10 tonnes for steel castings and 20 tonnes for iron castings can be manufactured, The company also produces MPS, RP coal pulverizers and LM, MPF, MLS vertical mills and their wear-resistant spare parts, such as grinding roller tyres, grinding table segments, lining plates/liners, grinding rings, and undertakes OEM production and CNC machining as well as assembly of casting products of various materials.

    We listen to and work closely with our customers in order to provide the highest quality wear resistant castings possible.

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