I concur with the dynamics of wow classic gold buy

  • I concur with the dynamics of wow classic gold buy because you have stated, and even tho you see them as cons to wow classic gold, that is precisely why I believe you didnt give it a fair evaluation. Going into wow classic gold if you believe that you in smaller amounts can get an advantage with an outplayability skillset vs larger numbers then you missed the ball about which wow classic gold is about. Coming out of a solo participant (for now).

    wow classic gold is not intended for the mindset of someone who wants to PK 24/7 at the very beginning of your character that is ment to get something that's endgame material that you could enjoy. And it actually isnt a long grind when you have multiple peole gathering at the exact same time which is what it was built for, participation in a complete loot surroundings with high risk high rewards. Dont go into light's hope gold wow classic gold being picky. Thats how I feel personally anyways.

    Friends quit wow classic gold because of getting zerged everytime.I mean its a PVP match im good with that.what my buddy said still doesnt make sense since they needed a fair fight,so if you wanted a fair fight why dont just play MOBA or Battleroyale,and then they say that they dont like looping game which keep repeating.Then why inquired for a fair fight when MMO isn't a place for fairness.PUTO PUTA.Most MMO gamers are only hypocrite that still doesnt wanna acknowledge that they wanna be in an MMO simply because they wanna stomp noobs with better gears and lvl or shit like this.