Because Blizzard is too idle to wow classic gold

  • Because Blizzard is too idle to wow classic gold attempt to give it to us you been given the finger. I rater wait some months longer to receive a correct Classic match, than to get it rushed out and be medicore.

    Of course Blizzard gets the patch data, they don't want to deal with individuals arguing with them. Bear in mind this is the same company that unequivocally stated that they had lost the vanilla data and it
    could never be recovered. Subsequently, when pressedvoila!

    Yeah, so I'm imagining if they were pressured to it, they would magically"locate" the patch info as well.I know I'm in the minority, but I did not like the fact that WoW Classic had PvP at the first place
    which meant battlegrounds were entirely worthless to me anyway.

    So, WoW Classic 1.12 or 1.5? Meh. So happy that there will be light's hope northdale gold non-PvP realms when Classic launches as it looked like every single private server was PvP which was super frustrating.

    When Classic has been announced, I had been expecting to get a diversion of the vanilla deadline. I believe it could have been better to have classic be just like vanilla, with precisely the same content
    stains exactly the same itemization changesexactly the same changes to classes/bgs, etc.. I was expecting to re-experience vanilla EXACTLY as it was.