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  • Ubisoft has already stated that there are Runescape gold limitations on cosplay allowed at the event. As any outside the hallway isn't advised, cosplaying and within the hall, no masks or weaponry are allowed. One other cosplay as GIGN, the French police tactical component, is also not permitted as a way to comply with law.

    This is the Runescape gold Major from the game's background and so far things have run smoothly. With its massive prize pool, global teams, streams in lots of different languages and what numbers to a fan convention on-site, Ubisoft is doing an excellent job at pulling all this off. Whether they could carry this efficacy on to the much larger finals by having enough to please both hardcore and casual fans, though, is anybody's guess.

    Over two years since its introduction campaign, the modern Siege esports scene is near unrecognisable--and it shows small signs of slowing down. With this in mind, I caught up with Ubisoft esports manager Fran?ois-Xavier Deniele at the get runescape gold with cash Paris Major to discuss the past, present and future of Siege's ever-growing aggressive spectrum.

    The Paris Major is Siege's first Major. It seems like that the Siege esports scene is in rude health.Fran?ois-Xavier Deniele: Yes, it is in fact. For me and my esports department at Ubisoft, our first Major is a superb achievement.