Know about Chronic Stress Disorder Treatment

  • Stress is often described as a feeling of overwhelm, worry and exhaustion. Stress can affect people of any age, gender and personal circumstances and can lead to both physical and psychological health problems. By definition, stress is any "annoying emotional experience that comes with predictable biochemical, physiological, and behavioural changes." 1 Sometimes, a little stress comes in handy because it gives you the drive and energy you need to cope with certain situations, such as Take an exam or meet some deadline at work.


    How stress damages your health

    The excess of stress can also cause serious emotional damage. People can easily overcome mild episodes of stress by using the body's natural defences to adapt to changes. But chronic excessive stress, that is, one that is constant and persists for a long period of time, can be strenuous both physically and psychologically.

    Unlike other daily stressors that can be counteracted by adopting healthy behaviours, chronic stress, if untreated, can have adverse health consequences, including anxiety, insomnia, muscle pain, high blood pressure and weakening of the immune system. Research shows that stress can contribute to the development of serious diseases such as heart disease, depression and obesity. Some studies even suggest that inadequate management of chronic stress, such as eating unhealthy or overeating foods to feel better, has contributed to the growing epidemic of obesity.

    Chronic stress can be the result of daily stressors that are not addressed or handled properly, as well as traumatic events.  People who have depression and anxiety are twice as likely to have heart disease as people who do not have these conditions. 6 In addition, research has shown that there is a relationship between chronic or acute stress and the abuse of addictive substances

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    Symptomatology of chronic stress

    People suffering from chronic stress may suffer the following symptoms:

    • Depressive mood, sadness.
    • Difficulties breathing
    • Chest pain.
    • Anxiety or worry
    • Feeling of inability to deal with problems.
    • Difficulty to perform your daily routines.
    • Feeling of inability to plan in advance.

    Who can suffer from chronic stress?

    It has been estimated that between 5-20% of the population that has been assisted by psychological problems suffer from an adjustment disorder (within which chronic stress is included). In children and adolescents this percentage increases to be between 25-60%.

    Chronic stress can be suffered at any age, although they are especially frequent in children and adolescents, and affect women and men indifferently. Chronic Stress Diagnosis can be done by Doctor only.

    There is Causes Of Chronic Stress in all cultures but the way in which these cases manifest themselves and the way of studying them varies considerably depending on the culture, in addition the cases of chronic stress are more numerous in disadvantaged cultures or in countries in the process of developing. It also tends to be more frequent in populations with low socioeconomic levels.

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