How to Choose And Use Water Purifier Spare Parts as A User

  • Tips for water purifiers: As the environment and water pollution become more and more serious, people have raised various questions about the safety of tap water and taken measures. Installing a household water purifier is the best way to ensure safe and healthy drinking water. However, there are many brands of water purifier spare parts on the market, and there are many different types of products. How do we choose and use Water Purifier Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC) as a user?

    Carefully review the product label and instructions when purchasing water purifier spare parts. First, the state implements a sanitation permit system for water purifiers, and the hygienic license approval number must be indicated on the product label and instructions. Second, the product name, manufacturer information (name, address and contact information), product execution standards (standard number and standard name), product functions, the scope of application, usage methods, precautions, and main technical parameters must be marked. Third, Check the health permit approval, the name, model and product structure of the product must be consistent with the approval.

    Most household water purifiers are based on the design and testing of municipal water supplies. By removing the secondary pollutants such as sediment, organic matter and microorganisms in the water by adsorption, filtration, etc., some ions can also be removed to achieve the purpose of improving water quality. In addition, in rural areas where groundwater or surface water is used, household water purifiers suitable for rural areas should be used. While Epland water purifiers develop and produce household water purifiers, they also design self-priming household water purification for rural users. It is suitable for rural households without tap water and solves the problem of drinking water safety caused by serious water pollution in rural areas.

    The filter and filter of the household water purifier have a long life and need to be cleaned and replaced regularly. The filter element and the filter membrane intercept the contaminants into the filter element and the filter membrane by means of adsorption and retention, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying water. Each pollutant is continuously accumulated in the filter element and the filter membrane. If it cannot be cleaned and replaced regularly, it will pollute the water quality, and the household water purifier will become a swaging device. Therefore, the filter cartridge should be replaced in time when using a household water purifier.

    The household water purifiers on the market are mixed. Users can refer to the introduction of this article to choose the household water purifier that suits them. After installing the water purifier, in the process of use, it should refer to the instructions and the principle of the water purifier. Maintain the household water purifier to produce safe and healthy fresh water.

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