Ultraviolet Sterilizer as A Feature of Water Filter Spare Parts

  • 1.Compared with the disinfection methods of other Water Filter Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC): the disinfection speed is fast, does not change the physical and chemical properties of water, does not increase the smell and taste of water, does not produce harmful halogenated methane compounds, has no side effects; simple operation and convenient management, Safe and reliable.

    2. With timing device, the UV intensity of the lamp can be detected after 10,000 hours of operation, and the illumination can be used continuously to save money and make full use of raw materials.

    3. Optional timing automatic control device, this device can set automatic power on and off procedures as needed. A flow sensor automatic control device can also be added.

    Ultraviolet sterilizer installation precautions:

    1. The installation location should be chosen so that the lines through which the sterilizing water flows are not too long.

    2. Drinking water treatment UV sterilizers should be installed horizontally.

    3. When selecting the installation location, extend from both ends of the drinking water treatment UV sterilizer, and leave ≥1.2 m and ≥0.6 m operation space respectively to replace the UV lamp or repair work.

    4. To monitor and control the flow of disinfectant water, a flow meter can be installed at the same time.

    5. If the required flow rate of disinfectant water is large, it can be installed in parallel with multiple drinking water treatment UV sterilizers.

    6. For ease of maintenance, a bypass pipe should be installed when installing a drinking water treatment UV sterilizer.

    7. Install indoors of drinking water treatment UV sterilizer, the relative humidity of the air is not higher than 89%, no corrosive gas, no conductive dust, not subject to strong vibration and impact.

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