Kramer Switches Computer Graphics Video and DVI in a single Box

  • Kramer Electronics, Limited., an international provider of audio, video and computer graphics signal distribution, switching and processing equipment for that broadcast,Cloud Management Solution manufacturing, security, education, home entertainment and ProAV presentation markets, is very happy to announce the most recent accessory for its products ¨C the Versus-2DVA 2x1 computer graphics video with audio and 2x1 DVI with audio All-In-One switcher. The Kramer Versus-2DVA switcher is truly a unique and convenient one-box solution for users whose methods have each traditional computer graphics video sources (VGA through UXGA resolutions) on 15-pin HD connectors with unbalanced audio and DVI video sources on DVI-D connectors with unbalanced audio. Each from the DVI inputs take presctiption DVI-D connectors as well as the DVI inputs are equalized and re-clocked, effectively reconstructing and retransmitting the chosen DVI signal.

    Each DVI-D input also offers a corresponding unbalanced audio input. Each from the pc graphics video inputs take presctiption standard 15-pin HD connectors and their very own corresponding unbalanced audio inputs. The pc graphics video input section includes a video bandwidth of 350MHz, making certain compatibility with VGA through UXGA resolution signals. This method is just one-box solution for an increasing number of applications and methods where switching laptop or computer graphics video signals and DVI signals are generally necessary, states Chris Kopin, v . p . of Product for Kramer Electronics USA. This compact unit has high bandwidth to make sure compatibility with an array of computer graphics video signals, from VGA through UXGA resolution which is also ideal for the pristine quality of DVI signals. Utilizing the Kramer Versus-2DVA, the pc graphics video section as well as the DVI section could be switched individually or together. The Versus-2DVA might be operated via its front panel switches, as nicely as via remote contact closure switches. It's housed inside a half 19" rack size and it is 12VDC given. The Kramer Versus-2DVA is now available and offered by Kramer Electronics sales companies all over the planet.