Football is the only sport where

  • When it comes to professional team sports John Cominsky Jersey , there is only one position that is considered the most important by all fans, and that would be the quarterback position.  is going to touch the ball on every single play on offense while also completely controlling what plays are called, which audibles need to be made, who needs to go where and then has to execute the play to perfection.Sure, baseball has a pitcher but he is almost strictly a defensive player and does not account for any points. How many times did Bob Gibson pitch a nearly perfect game but still picked up a loss because of his offense not scoring a single run?The QB is also the leader of the team and is solely responsible for the tempo as the game goes on. There is no other position in sports that hands over so much responsibility to one man. In the NFL, success is synonymous with having a great QB. Although a legendary defense does help, as the Jacksonville Jaguars showed us last year Qadree Ollison Jersey , at some point you need to have a QB that can be great.So it makes sense that when an NFL team signs a QB for their future, they offer him a ton of money. It also helps fans understand why there are rules that protect the QB too. Because of how important he is to his team, he is also that important to the NFL and making sure fans continue coming to games.As we head into the final stretch of the 2018 season, let’s jump ahead and look at what is coming in the upcoming offseason by looking at the 7 QBs that will be signed, the 7 that will be traded, and the 7 that will be released. “They are the Dallas Cowboys, ‘America’s Team.’” Those were the opening words to a 1978 highlight film. From that point on the Cowboys were ‘America’s Team’ and became embedded in the minds of football fans across America Ed Oliver Jersey , as the team you loved, or the team you loved to hate. They even said the whole in the roof at Texas Stadium was there so God could watch the game too.Tom Landry reportedly hated the trademark (interestingly the Pittsburg Steelers were initially offered the moniker of ‘America’s Team’ but they turned it down). He complained that it gave teams an incentive to play that little bit harder against his team. Legendary QB Roger Staubach said, “Everybody wanted to beat the Cowboys.” You could also argue that every team wants to ‘Be’ the Cowboys. They are currently the richest sports team in the world, and no matter the situation, when the Cowboys are on the field it means big ratings and a lot of money.There will be football fans who will say that anyone who puts on the Cowboys jersey becomes an automatic jerk. And the Cowboys have had more than their fair share of colorful personalities in the locker room. The Cowboys organization never seem to be far away from their next controversial episode, whether it’s drug busts, in-fighting amongst players Cody Ford Jersey , or domestic abuse. But the Cowboys have also produced some of the true icons of the game, men who wore the famous star with pride, played the game right, and were worthy of playing for the team that represents America.There’s no denying that the Cowboys have produced some of the greatest players to ever play the game, but what you do off the field ultimately defines your legacy (just look at Terrell Owens STILL not in the Hall of Fame). Here is a list of the top 10 jerks and sweethearts to play for the Cowboys through history.