The principles WoW Classic represents

  • I am in agreement here up to no Tokens. I am looking forward to playing a sport where people need to work hard and earn their equipment and their respect on the server, not buy it.tokens in WoW Classic will not occur,nighthaven wow gold a very uneducated issue to pressume, Blizzard want cash, yes... that is exactly why they won't add it. Nobody will be subbed for WoW Classic when there are tokens, literally destroying the market will just make everybody crawl back into private servers. The most effective business strategy is obviously to make the game true, which is ALL they have said they are doing.

    Tokens allow u to cover the sub floor right, if I'm not mistaken? That would mean that buying the blossom for WoW Classic Gold in retail will provide u the sub for free, thus letting u play for free. That will need 1 to play with retail though, but since the WoW Classic will be a part of their normal sub, then u can play games.

    I also belive that people who want the blossom in WoW Classic are like other WoW Classic Goldbuyers, but they need a safer enviroment to buy their WoW Classic Gold.Adding a wow token will overtake WoW Classic Gold. Making WoW Classic Gold is part of the sport, becoming your epic mount is a massive achievement and including a way to pay with real life money will totally trivialize that.

    I agree with you when I played with vanilla, it was an achievement and I hope they buy elysium project nethergarde gold  don't put in a wow token in the game, but from a business perspective they will need to create money and micro transactions provide instant cash for a company.i hope they don't put it in but I would be quite surprised if it's not in the game.I hope they do not either.