Truths about the laser liposuction

  • It is one of the most requested aesthetic procedures currently given its excellent results if you want to Remove Belly Fat. But what is behind the myths and truths of this alternative?


    Who has not passed that despite losing weight, cannot eliminate that annoying roll in the waist or back? Or that reduces from all sides, but the upper part of the thigh continues in the shape of riding pants? Well in those and many other cases, Laser Liposuction is the surgical alternative that has more and more followers.

    However, although centers offering procedures of this type are also increasing, it is always necessary to consider that it is a surgery and, as such, it must be performed by professional doctors, with the highest standards of safety and quality.

    The best candidates are people of relatively normal weight

    True: Laser Liposuction Houston is NOT a surgery to lose weight, but to eliminate fat deposits that do not respond to diets or exercises. In fact, the only weight loss achieved is that of the fat that is eliminated (which can reach a maximum of 7% of body weight) and its effects are observed in the reduction of volume to certain localized areas.

     The quality of the skin can influence the final results

    True: The best results of Laser Liposuction In Houston Texas are seen in firmer and elastic skin, without stretch marks (usually darker complexions), since they retract better once excess fat has been removed.

    The results are visible immediately

    False: You should not expect to see a definitive result after the operation. Even during the first days a slight increase in weight can be evidenced, due to the fluids and serums that are routinely administered. And although in the first months the changes can already be observed, after three months you can see the final results.

     Liposuction is simple and does not involve risks

    False: As with any other surgery, Smart Lipo Houston always involves some degree of risk. In the particular case of this procedure the main danger is covered by thromboembolism.

     After a while, the fat accumulates again in the areas where it was removed


    False: If after the Tummy Tuck Houston the person does not have a healthy diet and does not practice physical activity periodically, they can naturally gain weight. But that rise will always be proportional to the contour of your body that was defined with liposuction; this means that in areas where the fat was removed, it does not accumulate again.

     Liposuction does not require general anaesthesia

    False: Although different anaesthesia techniques can be used, the usual is general anaesthesia. Many aesthetic centers offer this type of procedure with local anaesthesia (there is a false perception that it is safer), and due to the type of surgery it requires to be used in high doses, with the consequent risk of overdose poisoning and serious consequences such as convulsions, cardiac arrest and even death. Tummy Tuck Houston Cost is very reasonable.

      The face can also be liposuction

    True: It is a very useful procedure in people who have jowls for example, and a quality of skin that afterwards will retract well. Excellent results can be achieved, always with the precaution of not damaging a nervous branch of the facial structure.