We all miss him very much

  • We all know that Schumacher is of great significance to LOLGA Vettel, not only idols, teachers, they are more close friends in life. When asked how he'd spent his tough days learning Schumacher's injuries, Vettel recalled: "My God, it's been a long time, it's been too fast, and we're focused on Every game, and then prepare for the next race, so year after year passed.Remember 09 Japan Station back to the calendar, I asked him the secret of what is winning, he would reply to my sentence I want to run faster on the track, and I thought he must have been fooling me at the time, but when I was really on the track, thinking of him seemed to have really worked, as we all know Japan also has a good record.We all miss him very much, especially Ferrari, if he can give advice and suggestions in the team race, we will be very happy, if there is a person who can teach me what to do in the title race, that this person Only him. "


    The news that Ferrari will be withdrawn from Formula One in 2021 recently has been booming and Red Bull leader Horner made his own comments in an interview with Reuters. "If Ferrari wants to leave the sport, why do you want to bring Alfa Romeo and Sauber to work together? It's clear that Sauber is now moving towards Ferrari 2. Do not forget that Alfa Romeo is also part of the Ferrari group. To pressure the free media, F1 can not do without Ferrari, Ferrari can not do without F1, although both for the benefit, but this is the fact that Ferrari has a huge impact on the sport, we do not want him to leave.