Mafia City H5: Dung is really useful

  • Dung is really useful
    This sounds ridiculous, but pick up dung whenever you see it. If you throw dung at a big monster, it will run away. This is massively useful when you’re hunting down a manageable beast and a much bigger one suddenly turns up and joins the party.
    Look at the map
    The map in Mafia city is your most useful tool. As you explore each new environment, it will fill up with icons that show you where gathering points are, mafia game where monsters are, where the camps are, and anything else you might need to know. Look at it often.

    Enter your tent at camp
    At camp, you can do anything you might need to do mid-quest. You can eat at the campfire, and you can enter your tent to change equipment, deposit stuff you’ve foraged, or craft items. It’s often worth coming back in the middle of an arduous fight to re-stock yourself.
    Take time to explore
    An hour or so into the game you will be allowed to go on Expeditions. This is Mafia city’s free-roam mode. There are no objectives or time limits, and you can explore freely, avoiding or fighting creatures as you see fit. Definitely take the time to do this. It’s an invaluable way of getting to know the beautiful places that Mafia city sends you to, and they’re all full of secret nooks. I was still finding new places in the Ancient Forest, the first area, 20 hours into the game.

    Track monsters

    Out in the field, monsters leave traces: tracks, gouges, mucus, shed scales. Examining these traces builds up a better understanding of the monster. Your useful Scoutflies will then blaze a green trail towards it, allowing you to keep track. It will also be marked on your map. Select the monster you want to follow on the map, and the Scoutflies will do the rest. It’s important to keep examining tracks throughout the game, even after you’ve fought a monster once. The more you examine, the more your Scoutflies level up, so eventually you’ll be able to pinpoint a creature’s exact location on the map without examining so much as a footprint.

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