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  • 15 Oct 2016
    In the morning on October 15 in a preseason, the Warriors on the road to a 129-128 victory over the Nuggets by overtime. This time, to help the Warriors will the game into extra-time and overtime hit the winner is the same person. He is not Curry, not Kevin Durant, not Thompson. He is mighty men in this year's rookie Patrick McCaw. Height 2 meters 01 McCaw, is an excellent Falcons Austin Hooper Red Jersey defender exercise ability, in the talent training camp, he's run-up bounce data is 96.52 cm, with his height, outshine others in the defender. The Warriors has an eye on the selected rookie always, in fact, they have chosen the right this time. The draft signed originally does not belong to the Warriors, valiant men on the draft to paid $2.4 million for the bucks, but from now he appears, the deal absolute value. Forth in the Warriors dressing room locker in the middle of a spray brothers, it is enough to illustrate his lucky. And shortly after joining the Warriors, he also received the text message, Durant to congratulate him. Perhaps in this big family atmosphere, he can have such a good play. In the preseason opener of the mighty, and he made 5 of 7, 5 steals, scored 11 points and 4 assists after the game, Durant hug together he exits, and praised her after the game. Durant said: "as a rookie, he is very patient, I'm excited for him." In today's 48 minutes 11 seconds left when the Nuggets jamal Murray hit 3-pointers, took the lead to help the Nuggets 112-112. Warriors request Matt Ryan Game Jersey at this time the suspension, suspension, after three miss Jones, of the mighty but he get the rebound amends, and gave the ball to the forth outside the three-point line. He calm, three points, the game into overtime. Warriors bench was transported with joy, including several big-name players all 7 people are celebrating. But in overtime, the game is to be dominated by her. The overtime, he scored 10 points, more than most other Warriors players together. And crucially, 3 seconds left in overtime, the Nuggets jamal Murray to stoke, send out assists, the latter layup achievements, to help the Nuggets made 1 minute lead. In the last three seconds of time, he in the penalty area on the left side of the shoot, buzzer ball into the basket, the boss to own the game on a perfect full stop. Although now or in the preseason, he help to the team, has been obvious. If fans see during the regular season main rotation of the mighty McCaw name appear in the list, please don't be surprised, because he deserve it!
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  • 11 Oct 2016
    Jeremy Lin and eventually the Nets have signed a $36 million contract, 3 years of the last year is player option, when it comes to choose their own Jeremy Lin said: "this is the place where I want to go, I think if I want to be his hopes to become a player, the Nets is the best choice. I hope to see how well I can, hope to become important player in the team, this is the Nets can provide for me." Jeremy Lin has experienced in his career lows and orgasm, he got what he wanted to get. This is the opportunity that the 28-year-old player, Jeremy Lin has the opportunity to change his career. Jeremy Lin said: "I will accept it. To become the leader of the team feel good, because the others will have higher expectations for you, others will want you to lead the team. This has been my role, become the leader of the team's starting point guard and the team. Now I finally returned to the position, the feeling is so cool, it makes me feel very natural. In the past three years, I often is the team's bench or no position. Here, everything looks more clear." Let us will push for a year, time in the summer of 2015, no team is willing to talk to Jeremy Lin to sign. A year ago, Jeremy Lin had just experienced the frustration with the Los Angeles lakers, no one wants to invite him to join us. Jeremy Lin felt before he became a crazy Lin of that kind of lonely, this kind of bad feeling, let Jeremy Lin fun greatly shrink for the game. Jeremy Lin reminded of that time said: "I can't even get what the team's minimum contract, this let me know your market value is very low. Obviously, I felt that they were offended, I even can't understand why this happened." Although according to league sources, the Nets were ever Jeremy Lin as target, and wanted to give Lin a contract for the middle class. But according to Jeremy Lin said that he had never considered joining the Nets. Fortunately, Jeremy Lin in New Orleans to find the feeling, he obtained Corey Brown NFL Jersey a stable position and a trust of his manager. Jeremy Lin to make their own career full of vigor, and recover their enthusiasm for basketball, help the horNets into the playoffs. Jeremy Lin said: "if you look at me in New Orleans that season and the season with the lakers, on the data about the two season. I don't know why that happens when the lakers. Is it fair? You asked me whether I should feel more valuable? Yes, I think I should earn more than the veteran base salary." Jeremy Lin in New Orleans to prove this, his value is back!
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  • 18 Oct 2016
    2016-17 regular-season has not been war, but in the eyes of many, Cavs and Warriors join forces with the NBA finals for the third consecutive year seems to be little suspense. The two teams with strong strength, there is no doubt that is the most popular candidate in the new season total champion, but this does not mean that other teams alliance will give up resistance, make it easy for the two teams to the NBA finals. In fact, there are three teams may play in the way. The pattern of the Cavs or change the current alliance warrior ii! The SAN Antonio spurs, with unique champion pedigree, 1998-99 season has won five times, but now they are faced with the problem of soul Duncan retired, and their backcourt continued to grow old. Duncan retired, ginobili and parker is old, but the spurs should also be able to with the Warriors for the western conference, and because they have Leonard and lamarcus Aldridge. Leonard, two-time defensive player award, the 2014 NBA finals MVP, may be the defensive two ability combined with the best player in the NBA today, his ball share a career high of 25.8% last season, an average of 1.149 points per turn, at least 1000 round offensive player in the third, second only to the Curry and riddick. In defense aspect is negative in the first! Lamarcus Aldridge is low ruler, round attack points won more than 50%. The Warriors in the low post did a good job defensively, losing 0.82 points per turn, ranked fifth in the NBA, but Cavs in this respect is relatively general, low defense lost 0.85 points per turn, ranks 14th in the league. If the spurs in the western and playing in the finals for the Cavs, lamarcus Aldridge is Cavs's big trouble. The spurs added pau gasol, David Li Hede Wayne - diamond, their power to shock inside a championship level. The Clippers, Paul is one of the best point guard in the NBA, he can get 19.5 points and 10 assists and 4.2 rebounds, can cast can pass can rob, is an ace and roll, and roll with 0.94 points per turn. Paul also has outstanding back playing ability, his body singles opponent can get 1.2 points per turn. Paul is very good, but the Clippers can have a chance to beat the Warriors, griffin's health and efficiency of the field MLB Authentic Collection Jersey is an important factor. Griffin played only 35 games last season, the real shooting hit a career low 54.4%. Riddick shooting 47.5% from last season, the league first, when riddick, effective defensive formations to pull opponents, he was a key figure in the Clippers offensive tactical execution. The celtics, in the east, the Hawks and the raptors will to challenge the Cavs, but the celtics may be more likely to shake the Cavs in the eastern dominance. In the past two seasons, Stevens coach will young green unlined upper garment army into a playoff team level, in the offseason after introducing horford, the celtics are expected to break through the first round of the playoffs. Don't forget, the celtics have Bradley, smart, and no. 2016 show jarreng Brown. Smart function is especially notable, though his comprehensive defense level still need to continue to improve, but his defensive effect is very good, low anti roll ability is very strong, he will have a big use in dealing with the Cavs.
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  • 12 Oct 2016
    Rich Hill says he is starting for the Los Angeles Dodgers on Thursday in the deciding Game 5 of the National League Division Series at Washington.But the Dodgers would not confirm the decision. The Dodgers and Washington Nationals have put on Falcons Tevin Coleman Jersey an entertaining battle on the baseball field in the first four games of the NLDS. Their off-field battle has been just as entertaining. Perhaps Hill did not get the message that the Dodgers were not done playing the game that the Nationals appeared to have started when they refused to reveal a Game 2 starter, only to then make it official with Baker saying the club knew all along. The Dodgers appeared to be down to left-handers, Hill and Julio Urias, for the start in the NLDS clincher. If Hill gets the nod, Urias could still be used out of the bullpen for multiple innings at the first sign of trouble. Whatever the Dodgers decide to do, it won't be easy up against Nationals ace Max Scherzer. "You know what, we didn't use Julio, so it's going to be a collection of arms," Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said. "You know, I think that we talked about Rich as an option, obviously. But so is Julio and how we want to strategize to win Game 5, we're going to talk through it. But it's nice now that we didn't have to go to Julio, so he's certainly an option."We've got some guys in the pen that didn't pitch tonight, today. So we've got some good options." If Hill gets the start, as expected Red Julio Jones Limited Jersey, he will be working on short rest for just the second time in his career. He did it once early in his career during the regular season with the Chicago Cubs. But he does have relief experience, so coming back early is not entirely foreign.
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Sports 2,640 views Oct 17, 2016
Obviously that Luke Walton is satisfied with Randle's performan

The NBA preseason, the Lakers' every young player displayed their impressive side, for the big striker Julius Randle, is the organization's ability to offense. The Lakers coach Luke Walton want the Warriors of the system, cultural transplantation, Randle is the very important part of his tactics. Luke Walton Randle is praised for offensive capability, says it is like Warriors general Green! "When he was dribbling Raiders Andre Holmes Jersey forward, his performances in attacks, unbelievable," Walton said. "No matter what time, when he got a defensive rebound, good things will happen. He may not be able to hit a shot every time, but when he gets defensive rebound, we will give him a chance." When reporters asked Walton, Randle is like Warriors Green, Walton responded, "that is, of course, I think this is a good contrast, both are phenomenal athletes, they can pass the ball. Obviously, Green shooting ability is better, but Randle also practicing every day." During the preseason game, Randle can scored 8.6 points and 7.8 rebounds a game. It is worth mentioning that Randle averaging can 3 assists, second only to Russell and rahul tower. For an organization Randle offensive capability, not approved Walton is the only one. On Friday, Nick Yang once said, Randle when playing fast break is like magic Johnson. When interviewed, "Randle said." It will make everyone easier, the big man ran up and when we do that, it is very interesting. "Currently, Randle is still trying to improve their shooting ability, for his efforts in the training venue, Luke Walton also see in the eye." His shot has been better, but he still didn't get so many chances, the ball into. For his shot, we don't have any problems, but we don't want to pass once he went out to vote. " "We have to get the ball from one side to the other, and then returned to his hands, if this time, he was in space, he can shoot. Now we are still learning how to move from one side to the other side of the ball, now a lot of the ball back to less than his hands. Although in some cases, he didn't get shot, but he is still in play in the right way, he played very hard."