Vibratory Polishing Machine Manufacturers Share The Role Of Sho

  • Today, the Vibratory Polishing Machine manufacturer shares the difference between shot blasting and sand blasting:

    Shot blasting is the use of a high-speed rotating impeller to throw small steel shots or small iron shots out of the surface of the part at high speed, so the oxide layer on the surface of the part can be removed. At the same time, the steel shot or the iron shot hits the surface of the part at high speed, causing the lattice distortion of the surface of the part to be deformed and increasing the surface hardness. It is a method for cleaning the surface of the part. The shot blasting is often used to clean the surface of the casting or to strengthen the surface of the part. deal with.

    Generally, shot blasting is used for regular shapes, etc. Several heads are placed up and down together, with high efficiency and low pollution. Shipbuilding, shot blasting and sand blasting are commonly used. But whether it is shot blasting or sand blasting, it is in the form of compressed air. Of course, it is not the impeller that does not use high-speed rotation. In the repair and shipbuilding industry, shot blasting is mostly used in steel plate pretreatment; sand blasting is often used in forming ships or sections, and the role is to remove the old paint and rust on the steel plate and repaint. In the repair and shipbuilding industry, the main role of shot blasting and sand blasting is to increase the adhesion of steel coating paint.

    In fact, the cleaning of casting parts is not only the use of shot blasting. For large parts, the roller cleaning is first carried out. The risers of the castings are cut off and placed in the drum. The parts collide with each other in the drum, and the sand of the surface is mostly Clear it and then blast or blast. The size of the shot blasting pellet is 1.5mm. In terms of damage, the tensile stress on the surface of the metal material is much easier than the compressive stress. When the surface is under compressive stress, the fatigue life of the material is greatly improved. Therefore, for parts such as shafts that are susceptible to fatigue fracture, a shot forming surface is usually used. The compressive stress increases the life of the product. In addition, the metal metal material is sensitive to stretching, which is why the tensile strength of the material is much lower than the compressive strength, which is also the reason why the metal material generally exhibits the properties of the material by tensile strength.

    Sandblasting is used for complex shapes, easy to remove by hand, low efficiency, poor on-site environment, and uneven rust removal. The general sand blasting machine has various specifications of sand blasting. As long as it is not a particularly small box, it can be put in and cleaned. The supporting product of the pressure vessel—the head is sandblasted to remove the scale on the surface of the workpiece. The diameter of the quartz sand is 1.5mm~3.5mm. One kind of processing is to use water as the carrier to drive the diamond to process the part, which is a kind of spray. sand.

    Both shot blasting and sand blasting can clean and decontaminate the workpiece. The purpose is to prepare for the next step, that is, to ensure the roughness requirements of the next process, and also for the consistency of the surface, the shot peening has on the workpiece. For reinforcement, sand blasting is not obvious. Generally, shot peening is a small steel ball, and sand blasting is quartz sand. According to different requirements, the number of points. Precision casting is used almost every day with sand blasting and shot blasting. information about vibratory polishing machine: