Operating Requirements For Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine

  • Using the planetary rotation method, using the principle of centrifugal movement, the decoration and finishing efficiency are high, and the efficiency is increased by 5-20 times; the machine is divided into four barrels, which are assembled on the disc in a diagonal manner, synchronously rotating and moving. Smooth, low noise, long service life; with automatic material selection, more convenient operation, can reduce a lot of labor, the operation is very safe, the machine can only be jogged when opening the cover, with its own electronic brake system, with infinitely variable speed function, can be adjusted at will Speed, reducing product defect rate.

    How Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine works:
    1 Put the products that need to be ground and polished into a small bucket and put in abrasive and potion. (Note: If you only need one barrel to grind, you need to put enough water in the other barrel, otherwise the life of the machine will decrease)

    2 Cover the lid, how long it takes to grind the inverter control box, and then it can be timed, then start and wait for the machine to stop naturally.

    3 After grinding, pour out the product, open the vibrating screen outlet and catch the product to clean and dry.