Polishing Points For Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine

  • Today we will find out how to reduce the surface roughness of the Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine :

    There are many ways to reduce the surface roughness of parts. Commonly used are grinding, fearing, glazing, plating, etc. The grinding machine is a photofinishing process commonly used in machining. The fine-grained grinding wheel rotating at a high rotation speed is in contact with the workpiece under the action of the lubricating fluid. The grinding wheel cuts the micro-bumping portion of the workpiece surface on the micro-blade of the abrasive grain, thereby lowering the surface roughness. . The surface roughness Ra can be polished by using a grinding wheel with a grain size of W10 or finer. At 0.1um, a high-gloss finish.

    The most commonly used surface finishing process for polishing, applying a polishing paste or a jet polishing liquid on a flexible carrier such as a rotating cloth wheel. When the workpiece is in contact with the polishing wheel, it receives the grinding action of the fine abrasive grains, and the surface is more and more flat. , bright like a mirror. Zhaguang, also known as rolling, uses a low surface roughness and a hard surface to roll the sheet to plastically deform the surface, and the microprotrusions receive the most intense calendering and are flattened. Zhaguang is used for the bright and smooth processing of large-area metal sheets, such as the production of bright stainless steel sheets. Electroplating also reduces surface roughness, and plating bright nickel and chromium is a common surface finishing process. The adsorption of electroplating additives containing a small amount of special organic matter is that the electrocrystallization process has different deposition kinetic processes at the micro-convex and dimples on the surface of the workpiece, and the deposition rate of the dimples is higher, achieving the purpose of smoothing the surface of the workpiece.