Ceramic Grinding Abrasive Suppliers Share The Benefits Of Finer

  • The brown corundum abrasive is the same as the SG abrasive, and it belongs to the corundum abrasive polycrystal, but it is also very different.

    Brown corundum can produce better self-sharpness under low grinding force (such as low-speed grinding disc). When the abrasive receives the grinding force, its passivation part will decompose along the crystal plane. The new front edge appears and participates in the cutting action, and the effect of self-sharpness is smug. Simply put, brown fused alumina is constantly producing a level that can be ground. The matte surface is flattened and new ones will appear for grinding.

    This type of brown fused alumina fine-grained abrasive is sintered at a low temperature. When the abrasive is fired at a high temperature, it is affected by high temperature, which will cause the grain to grow and destroy the original crystallite structure and performance. To give full play to the performance, a special high-efficiency low-temperature bonding agent has been developed, which can lower the firing temperature of the grinding tool at 1000 °C.

    Extra-fine particle size and brown fused alumina abrasives with special performance requirements, such as super-fine grinding stones used in automotive shock absorbers, textile machinery, bearings, etc. These brown fused alumina granules are basically in w2.5~w28. Between, due to the extremely fine particle size requirements, the decomposition oxidation and reaction ability at high temperatures are relatively strong.

    To reduce the degree of decomposition and oxidation of ultrafine brown corundum, on the one hand, the brown corundum abrasive can meet the requirements of ultra-fine low-temperature processing, and the low-temperature bonding agent is purchased as much as possible. Both of these requirements can be met.

    The above is organized by the Ceramic Grinding Abrasive Suppliers to share how to make a finer-grained abrasive process.

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