Ceramic Grinding Abrasive Manufacturers Share What Abrasives Ar

  • There are many kinds of abrasives, so if you choose the abrasives used for blast cleaning, today, Ceramic Grinding Abrasive manufacturers will share the characteristics of the two commonly used abrasives.

    1, quartz sand
    Sharp quartz sand is an inexpensive and effective abrasive that is considered to be the most economical abrasive for industrial applications and is used in many countries. Quartz sand is the earliest and most commonly used abrasive for spraying, so "sandblasting" has become a general term.

    Since the silicon contained in quartz sand is harmful to health, it has gradually disappeared. Workers can cause silicosis when exposed to the harmful levels of free silicon dust generated by the blast cleaning process. Work personnel should wear protective clothing, goggles and breathing equipment.

    Open-air “work in the field” can occasionally allow the use of quartz sand, but the operator and other personnel must be carefully protected from dust.

    2, river sand
    River sand, we can usually see it by the river, and it is often seen on construction sites. River sand is dominated by standard sand, which is what we traditionally call sand, which contains a small amount of quartz. Compared with river sand, white quartz sand is purified, because of its high purity, high refractoriness, more use and obvious effect. River sand is cheaper than quartz sand and is suitable for outdoor sandblasting that cannot be recycled.

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