Aluminum Wheel Polishing Machine Suppliers Share How To Avoid A

  • Using a polishing machine, we need to always pay attention to avoid safety accidents. The following supplier of Aluminum Wheel Polishing Machine will teach you how to avoid a safety accident!

    At the working site of the polishing machine, ventilation is required and a dust removal system is installed, and it is necessary to check whether the dust is in the normal range every day. If the dust exceeds the standard, it needs to be stopped immediately, so that the staff should leave the work site immediately, because if the dust exceeds the standard That is, dust will explode when the dust exceeds the standard! Therefore, everyone must pay attention to this! In summer, there are many thunderstorms. The factory must install lightning protection, anti-static and explosion-proof electrical devices. This will ensure the safety of the staff, and it is best for the staff to wear dust-proof and anti-static measures.

    If you use a polishing machine, you need to be equipped with waterproof and moisture-proof facilities for the production, collection and storage of metal dust such as aluminum and magnesium. In addition, the factory must meet the standards for work, and there should be no violation of the multi-storey house, and it must be maintained with the residential building. Safe spacing. information about aluminum wheel polishing machine :