Ceramic Grinding Abrasive Factory Shares The Principle Of Autom

  • Automatic polishing machine for fully automatic surface polishing, suitable for small workpieces, metal workpieces fully polished surface gloss and burr removal. Then the Ceramic Grinding Abrasive manufacturer talks about how the polishing machine works:

    The motor is the power source for the polishing head and forms the entire polishing head with the polishing accessories. The polishing auxiliary material is fastened on the polishing head, and after the motor power is started, the polishing auxiliary material is fully contacted with the object to be polished by adjusting the position of the polishing head. The polishing solution/polishing wax added during the polishing process gives a better finish. The wet throwing effect can be achieved by fixing the sink, water circulation system, etc. on the workbench. The protective cover can prevent the objects from falling off and hitting the personnel during the polishing process, and can effectively eliminate indoor dust after installing the dust remover. information about ceramic grinding abrasive : https://www.zhongyun-machine.com/product/abrasive/