Corundum Abrasive Manufacturer Introduces The Widespread Use Of

  • Today, the Corundum Abrasivemanufacturer introduces knowledge about garnet abrasives:

    Garnet abrasive, also known as "jass" or "natural corundum", has a strong hardness and good acid and alkali resistance, and is an island-like structure of aluminosilicate.

    Features: strong wear resistance, high melting point, large specific gravity and stable performance.

    Uses: It is more beautiful, is the newly developed three-dimensional spray wall coating in foreign countries, or the only glass shell factory can do color shell sandblasting and wear-resistant materials. Because of its many internal chemical molecules and good chemical stability, it is made into a new wear-resistant water purification filter. Garnet is a silicate mineral, which has been carefully selected by hydraulics, mechanical processing, screening and grading, etc. It is mainly used for grinding glass products, industrial rust removal and water cutting.

    The main role of garnet abrasives:

    1. Abrasives in the cutting of high pressure water jet equipment (water jet).
    2. Sand blasting, cutting, special welding and thermal spraying, manufacturing grinding wheel, oil stone, abrasive cloth, sandpaper raw materials.
    3. Used as a filter medium for water treatment.
    4. For silicon wafers, optical lenses, precision instrumentation, polished glass bulbs, glassware, ceramic stone, leather, plastic, metal parts can improve the finish.
    5. It can be used as a good wear-resistant material for highway pavement, airstrip, wear-resistant rubber, industrial floor, anti-slip paint.
    6. It can be used as chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, water treatment filtration medium and drilling mud weighting agent.
    7. It can be used as sand for denim blasting workshop in washing factory.
    information about corundum abrasive: