Features Of Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine

  • Polishing machines are often used for mechanical grinding, polishing and waxing. Polishing machines can be divided into automatic polishing machines, industrial polishing machines and hand-held polishing machines.

    Manual polishing machine: mainly consists of machine base, spindle head, polishing column, frequency converter, motor, transmission mechanism and tensioning mechanism. The polishing machine can match the surface of the workpieces of various materials by matching the wheels of the Chiba wheel, the hemp wheel, the nylon wheel and the cloth wheel, and has achieved different effects, such as rough throwing, medium throwing and fine throwing. The advantage is that the manual hand holding product is more flexible, and the position of the dead angle of some products can be polished away.

    Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine is a wide range of equipment for the outer surface of polished products such as copper, iron, zinc and stainless steel. The machine can be operated intermittently or continuously. The disc is controlled by the inverter and servo motor. According to the different process requirements of the polishing products, the polishing heads with different functions, specifications and quantities in each series are selected, and the polishing cloth wheels with different functions and applicable are selected to achieve polishing such as sanding, rough polishing, medium polishing and fine polishing. The effect is that the polishing cloth wheel loss has an automatic compensation function, and the machine is equipped with an automatic spray wax setting. The fixture can be vacuum or expanded, with an automatic fault alarm function, which can automatically display the cause of the fault through the touch screen. This model is simple, convenient, stable in quality, low in labor cost, and equipped with dustproof studio to reduce dust hazard.

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