Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine Requirements

  • The Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine is a machine for batch polishing of small and medium-sized workpieces with complex profiles. It is a power tool and the Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine consists of basic components such as a base, a dish, a polishing fabric, a polishing cover and a cover. The motor is fixed to the base, and the taper sleeve for fixing the polishing disc is connected to the motor shaft by screws. The polishing fabric is fastened to the polishing disk by a ferrule, and after the motor is turned on by the switch on the base, the sample can be manually pressed to polish on the rotating polishing disk.

    Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine equipment drum opening, additional filter media to achieve solid-liquid two-phase separation by interception, filter Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine is suitable for small viscosity of materials, solid phase particles are not easy to deform solid phase particles and small batches The production conditions are mostly used for industrial dehydration.

    The use of Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine is still required. If you want to ensure the polishing effect of the foundation, you can master the direction of polishing. Try to keep it parallel to the mirror. If it is too tilted or not placed, It can easily lead to equipment failure and product problems.

    In order to prevent agglomeration, denaturation and deactivation of the Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine, in addition to the selection of the medium, it is necessary to control the temperature and the pH of the medium solution. The temperature is generally controlled at about 4 degrees, and it can also be carried out at room temperature for some enzymes having good thermal stability.

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