Holiday Package Ibiza - 9 Reasons to Visit this Beautiful Balea


    If you want to explore the second largest Balearic Island of Spain then plan a holiday package Ibiza. The island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its history and the unique marine life. Ibiza was originally named Ibozzim by its founders who dedicated the island to an Egyptian god of music and dance. It is a stunning island with crystal clear gleaming water and 57 different beaches. These are some of the reasons why the island attracts almost 6 million tourists on a yearly basis.

    However, there are plenty more reasons to plan a package holidays cheap to this gorgeous destination as mentioned below.

    Stunning Beaches to Enjoy on your Holiday Package Ibiza

    As mentioned above, Ibiza has 57 amazing beaches that range from beautiful coves to golden sands. You are guaranteed to find the most suitable and ideal spots on the island depending on how you want to spend your time. There are lively beaches where you can enjoy the company of people and engage in water sports. However, there are also plenty of quiet beaches where you and your loved ones can enjoy some relaxing time on your own.

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    A Family-Friendly Holiday Destination

    You can easily plan your package holidays cheap to Ibiza with your children because it is a very family-friendly holiday destination. There are child-friendly beaches with shallow and safe waters. There are also several water parks, boat trips, jeep safaris and other family activities that guarantee an enjoyable time.

    Scuba Dive with Dolphins

    There are a number of safe and secure diving spots where you can explore the breathtaking beauty of the underwater marine life during your holiday package Ibiza. However, there is a special experience that awaits the enthusiastic divers at the Cala D’Hort Marine Nature Reserve. At this reserve, you can dive into the glistening water with a very high chance of coming across a school of friendly dolphins or a whale, which is guaranteed to be an overwhelming and unforgettable experience.

    Exquisite Food

    If you are a food lover, then planning your package holidays cheap to Ibiza is definitely the right decision. There is no shortage of dining establishments on this beautiful island that ranges from the world’s most expensive restaurant to a local hotel with some of the best seafood items. The food in Ibiza is fresh, healthy, diverse and flavourful and guarantees to be an unforgettable treat for your taste buds.

    Artistic Events

    This Balearic Island also has numerous tourist attractions for the people who are interested in arts. If you are interested in arts, you will find a number of contemporary art galleries on your holiday package Ibiza. There has been an increasing rate of impressive and commendable artwork displays of the local artists that are showcased in these art galleries and several artistic events each year.

    Gorgeous Sunsets

    Sunset is a natural phenomenon that occurs daily and yet it is often not enjoyed as it should. Therefore, if you have been unable to marvel at this natural view then you can utilize the numerous opportunities to enjoy the gorgeous sunsets on your package holidays cheap. There are plenty of spots on the island where you can sit, relax and enjoy a spectrum of red, orange and pink colours with your loved ones.

    16th-Century Historical Site

    Ibiza has everything, which is another reason that contributes to the high rate of annual tourism. On the island, you will find Dalt Vila, which is one of the most beautiful cities on the Balearic Islands. You can explore an old port and a historic city at this location which is guaranteed to be an interesting experience on your holiday package Ibiza. This site was built in the 16th-century and has impressive architectural examples of the Renaissance period which is a site to see especially if you are interested in archaeology.

    Yoga or Meditation Retreats

    The landscapes in Ibiza are undoubtedly breathtaking and peaceful. This is why there are plenty of wonderful opportunities for you to relax on your Ibiza package holidays cheap by joining yoga or meditation retreats which are led by the finest instructors. These retreats are guaranteed to work in the most efficient manner because of the refreshing backgrounds such as the sandy beaches or pine-scented forests.

    Astonishing Rock Formation

    Another memorable site waiting for you at Cala D’Hort is Es Vedrà which is a massive rock formation poking out of the sea. It is quite a celebrated site on the island because it fascinates and attracts a number of tourists every year. This rock formation has a height of 400 meters and it is part of a protected nature reserve which is mandatory to visit on your holiday package Ibiza.

    Final Takeaways!

    Ibiza is quite a popular holiday destination because of its extravagant and lively nightlife. However, there is so much more to this stunning destination that must be explored and enjoyed by you and your loved ones. Ibiza has almost 300 days of sunshine in a year which makes it a wonderful holiday destination for people who love the beach, the water sports and other similar activities. Therefore, if you want to go on a vacation with your friends or family, be sure to plan a holiday package Ibiza for all the reasons mentioned above.