Famous Tourist Attractions to Visit on your Corsica Package Tri


    Your Corsica package trip will be a wonderful holiday experience for you and your loved ones because it is a beautiful island with a rich cultural heritage, historical sites and so much more. It is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and it is one of the many French regions as well. The culture of this stunning island is quite rich and greatly influenced by the Italian culture as well. Corsica has a coastline that stretches to 1,000km and has more than 200 stunning beaches. There are also other tourist attractions in Corsica that include mountains, tall peaks, national parks and other geological wonders.

    Here are all the interesting and fascinating places that you should explore on your package holidays cheap to Corsica.

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    Visit the Maison Bonaparte on your Corsica Package Trip

    The Maison Bonaparte is the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte who is a treasured person on this beautiful island. This house was the residence of the Bonaparte family from 1682 to 1923 but the famous Napoleon Bonaparte only lived under the roof for nine years. It has now developed into a museum where you can witness all the personal possessions of the Bonaparte family as well as the classic furniture of that time period. Therefore, visit this historical monument on your Corsica package holidays cheap if you want to learn about the history of the island.

    Bonifacio Citadel

    The Bonifacio Citadel is a classic tourist attraction with a dramatic background. This citadel is located on the top of a white limestone cliff with a 70m distance from the rocks below. This beautiful citadel was built as a means of defence for Tuscany in the 9th-century which was also used as an administrative centre for the French Foreign Legion. Therefore, visit the Bonifacio Citadel on your Corsica package trip to explore the interior of this building and to enjoy the gorgeous surrounding view from the top

    Scandola Nature Reserve

    The Scandola Nature Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its unique appearance and the biodiversity. It is located on eight miles of the northwest coast of Corsica and it offers a stunning view for the people who love exploring nature. You can take a tour of the area on your Corsica package holidays cheap which is approximately 3 hours long and covers all the important sites which include red cliffs, volcanic capes, coves, beaches, islets and stunning wildlife beauty.

    Le Jardin des Arbeilles

    Le Jardin des Arbeilles means, “Garden of Bees” which is one of the most unique tourist attractions to visit in Corsica. There are 400 bee hives at this garden, including a glass bee hive which is constructed for research purposes. Your Corsica package trip will be an interesting experience as you explore this establishment which produces beauty and health products from six types of honey, extracted from the bees. You can also visit the shop nearby and purchase pure honey products for yourself or as souvenirs for your loved ones.

    Chapelle de Notre-Dame de la Serra

    Chapelle de Notre-Dame de la Serra is yet another amazing tourist attraction you must visit on your Corsica package holidays cheap. This beautiful chapel is located on the top of a hill that overlooks the town of Calvi. The Chapel of Notre-Dame is quite famous amongst the tourists especially the couples who travel all the way here to be blessed with years of happiness and prosperity according to a local superstition. However, you must visit this chapel on your Corsica package trip to feast your eyes with the incredible view of the surrounding mountains, the blue waters down below and the breathtaking view of the town of Calvi.


    Filitosa is yet another interesting site for the people who are interested in history. This is an archaeological site which was discovered in the 1950s. According to the research, this site is believed to be occupied from the prehistory era to the Bronze Age. The most prominent artefacts you will witness at this site on your Corsica package holidays cheap is the group of megalithic tombs and granite slabs that feature representations of human face, armour and weapons. Therefore, if you are interested in historical expeditions and tours then make sure you visit this site for an intriguing and memorable holiday experience on your Corsica package trip.

    Key Takeaways!

    Corsica is a beautiful holiday destination where you and your loved ones can enjoy the beach, the stunning views, plan expeditions to roam around the mountains, explore ancient sites and so much more. You can also delight in the flavourful and delicious food in Corsica and enjoy the rich cultural values and traditions. Therefore, include the tourist attractions mentioned above in your Corsica package trip itinerary for an unforgettable and interesting holiday experience.