Mallorca Holidays - Best Venues You Should Visit in Palma

  • Your Mallorca holidays will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life because there are a number of outdoor and indoor activities to enjoy with your friends or family. Mallorca is the most visited holiday destination in Spain because it never fails to entertain the tourists. There are beautiful beaches, art galleries, museums, mouth-watering food, multicultural environment and the captivating music which is mandatory to experience during your holidays. Mallorca offers a cultured musical environment with the music of different types and genres such as jazz, opera, theatre performances, live bands, blues and flamenco.

    Therefore, you must visit some of the venues mentioned here on your cheap Mallorca holidays that guarantee a beautiful and enriching experience for you and your loved ones.

    Visit Sa Posada de Bellver on your Mallorca Holidays

    Sa Posada de Bellver is located in a neighbourhood in Palma, called El Terreno. It is one of the loveliest places you should visit if you want to enjoy the culture, music and food of Mallorca. There are performances by talented musicians who entertain the people with jazz, salsa and flamenco. The décor and ambiance are warm and it is inspired by the Bohemian style which makes it quite unique and interesting. The menu is full of local Mallorcan food items which are guaranteed to be a treat for your taste buds. This fantastic venue is open all week, therefore, you can easily catch a few performances here on your Mallorca holidays cheap.

    Jazz Voyeur Club

    Jazz Voyeur Club is the most famous venue for jazz music on the island and it is one of the best places to visit on your Mallorca holidays. This venue is located in the streets of the La Lonja area in the old town of Palma. It is open from Wednesdays to Sundays and it gives a platform to some of the most talented artists and bands that play blues, flamenco, funk, rock and folk but mostly jazz music. This club also organizes an annual international jazz festival at the most famous venues of Mallorca such as The Auditorium and the Bellver Castle. Therefore, if you love jazz music then you should visit the Jazz Voyeur Club for a wonderful experience on your Spain Mallorca holidays cheap.

    The Garito Café

    The Garito Café or El Garito is one of the best venues to visit if you enjoy various genres of music. This venue is located in the Can Barbara and has a very vibrant and young feel which you will enjoy if you visit this café on your Mallorca holidays. Talented musicians from all across the globe visit this venue to entertain a large number of audience through different music genres that include blues, electronica and jazz. The interior of this charming place is inspired by the decorative arts and architecture of the 1920s. The Garito Café is mostly swarming with people who are there to enjoy and perform the variant melodies. There is also a wide range of mouth-watering food items on the menu that make the entire experience even more memorable. Therefore, the Garito Café is a great venue to visit on your holidays Mallorca cheap if you are looking for an excellent environment, captivating music and delightful food.

    The Shamrock

    The Shamrock is yet another entertaining music venue to visit which is famous for being one of the liveliest places in Palma. They often have a busy schedule which is packed with performances from their own band as well as talented guest artists. If you visit this venue during your Mallorca holidays you can enjoy a wide range of music at this venue which includes rock, blues, jazz, funk, soul and reggae. The Shamrock also offers a delicious menu with exquisite food items such as fish, meat, tapas and homemade desserts. Therefore, the Shamrock is one of the places you should visit on your cheap Mallorca holidays where you can delight in great food and music.

    The Auditorium

    The Auditorium is located along the marina that lies close to La Lonja. This venue is quite splendid and it hosts some of the most cultured classical events that feature national and international artists. The Auditorium is an ideal venue to visit on your Mallorca holidays cheap if you and your loved ones are interested in performances by pianists, orchestras, opera singers, pop artists and various dance groups. There are plenty of restaurants located near this venue, therefore, you can plan an entire evening on your Mallorca holidays where you attend an enjoyable event at this venue, followed by a dinner or a peaceful walk along the sea.

    Bottom Line!

    Mallorca is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations to visit with your friends or family. It offers stunning landscapes, cultural events, delicious food and so much more that have all contributed to the popularity of this Balearic Island. One of the best experiences this destination offers for you and your loved ones is the opportunity to attend plenty of live music events in the city of Palma. Therefore, if you and your loved ones enjoy live music of various genres then you must visit the above-mentioned venues in Mallorca for an unforgettable experience on your Mallorca holidays.