5 Fun Activities for Your Package Holidays Barcelona

  • Package holidays Barcelona would be a good opportunity for you to spend your vacations in a colourful and culturally enriching place. Barcelona is one of the most popular tourist destinations and has so much to offer its visitors, but most of the places that are commonly visited have now been overrun. In the blog below there are some alternate places you can visit and activities you can take part in that have not made their place in every guidebook yet. You can visit these places on your package holidays Barcelona to have a memorable time and see the city in a new light, different from what everyone else has experienced.

    Make your Package Holidays Barcelona Memorable with a Photography Tour


    When in Barcelona, you can sign up for a photography tour with the many photography companies that provide this service. The idea of learning a new skill as well as exploring a new city is a win-win situation for the visitors. After signing up for the photography tour, you can bring your cameras and go for a tour of the city with the photographers provided by the company. The main attraction of this activity is that you get to learn a new skill from the professionals and also explore parts of the city that are not very commonly visited by the tourists. You get an insider’s look at the city and its forgotten areas that everyday tourists don’t even know about.

    Another advantage that you get with this tour is that you get offered professional photo shoots by the photographers wherever you want, be it in front of Barcelona’s most iconic architecture or on the beaches or wherever you prefer. This activity would make your package holiday Barcelona a memorable experience for you because you would have learned something useful from it such as photography.

    Go Wandering in the Labyrinth Park

    The Labyrinth Park in Barcelona is a place that you just cannot afford to miss on your package holidays Barcelona if you want to have a refreshing and peaceful experience of wandering in one of the most popular gardens. This is a garden that is designed like a maze for the tourists to keep wandering in, and find their way out on their own. It would be a fun experience to have on your package holiday Barcelona, and also the garden is very beautifully designed so that would be a plus point. Apart from the maze, there are also many streams, waterfalls and canals that you can enjoy in the park and have picnics near the area if you want. The design of the park is also inspired by Greek mythology and has statues that represent the ancient times, so it also has a historical value attached to it that you can explore on your package holidays Barcelona.

    Vintage Shopping

    Barcelona is a very modern city with modern visitors, shops, architectures and so on. But that does not mean that it has lost its history and ancient culture. The old vintage culture of Barcelona is still preserved in some areas, especially in the old streets that have now been turned into markets for the visitors to come and have vintage shopping sprees. You can visit these markets to get an idea of old Barcelona with its vintage offerings in the form of clothes, Souvenirs, home decorations etc. this would be a fun and different experience for you to have as it would be a break from the regular sightseeing and expensive shopping in the mainstream areas of Barcelona. You can also buy from here Goth culture inspired memorable merchandise that you can take home as souvenirs. It is a must visit spot ,on your package holidays Barcelona, that is not very commonly visited by tourists because most of them don’t even know where it is and how interesting the shops here are.

    Picasso Museum

    This is Barcelona’s most popular museum and probably the best one as well. The name of the museum is self-explanatory for the tourists, as it is a tribute to the famous artist Picasso who was very popular in Barcelona in his times and even after his death. This museum is an art heaven for those who are into art history and its comparison with the modern art. They can visit the museum and see first-hand what Picasso really was, and his style of art etc. this would be a historically enriching experience for the tourists who are interested in knowing about art history. You should definitely visit it on your package holidays Barcelona if you are one of the artist ones, and even if you are not into arts, it would still be a fun experience to have.


    Montserrat is known as a mystical mountain in Barcelona because of its pink limestone peaks that give it a mysterious feel. It is the most popular one day trip from the destination because it is breathtakingly beautiful and also pretty close for the tourists to go and then come back in the same day. The mountain is not just famous because it is beautiful and the natural scenery is jaw-dropping, it is also pretty famous for its historical value and its status as an excavation site where some ancient statues were found.

    There is also a church there that you can visit on your package holidays Barcelona if you are interested in historical architecture. It is also the perfect site for the athletic visitors who are looking for an adventure and some physical exercise on the trip because you can go for a hike and spend some quality time on the way looking at the natural beauty of the mountain. It would be a break from the regular sightseeing and would give you a chance to get up-close with nature on your package holidays Barcelona.


    Package holidays Barcelona would give you the perfect opportunity to spend your vacations with your friends and family in a culturally and historically rich destination that has so much to offer its visitors. If you want to explore the parts of the city that are not very common with the tourists then you should definitely visit the sights mentioned in the blog because they would give you a chance to see Barcelona in a new light and experience it in a different way than the other tourist do.