Test your skills and assess the weak and strong areas

  • Aptitude test is the assessment in which the ability of a candidate to carry out a certain task is evaluated. In these tests, the candidate does not have any prior training or information. The thinking performance or logical reasoning of the candidate is judged in these tests. Aptitude tests consist of multiple choice questions that are required to be solved within strict time duration. Based on the results, the abilities of the candidate are judged by the corporate employers and they decide whether or not to select the candidate

    These tests are used by organization to decide as whether the candidate is able to handle different situations of stress and pressure without losing patience and can manage the work flow as well as subordinates efficiently. When a person is able to select the most appropriate options that can handle the situation in best possible manner then he/she is considered eligible for the applied job. There are several types of aptitude tests such as critical thinking, numerical reasoning, situational judgment etc. 

    Inductive reasoning:

    The abilities of problem-solving of a person are judged in inductive reasoning. It is sometimes also referred to as tests of diagrammatic style or reasoning tests. If the person is able to perform flexibly when the information is not familiar and able to find appropriate solution is measured in inductive reasoning. When someone canto show good performance in inductive tests, it indicates that he/she has better ability to think both analytically as well as conceptually. From some specific cases, reasoning is made in order to derive a rule that is applicable in general situation. To make generalizations, inferences are drawn from the observations.

    Logical reasoning:

    The test that forms any assessment’s fundamental part is termed as logical reasoning. In the general logical reasoning, there is no requirement of numerical or verbal reasoning. The corporate employers make use of the logical reasoning test most of the time for the purpose assessing the candidates at the time of recruitment. It is termed to be a type of psychometric testing.

    The general statement of measuring the mental ability of a person is said in a fancy manner with the word psychometric. The non-verbal skills of a person are tested in the logical reasoning. In this, the candidate is required to manipulate and interpret numbers, shapes, patterns etc. in certain situations, corporate employers test specific skill set of the candidate with the help of these tests. The mental ability of the candidate is reflected in the basis of his performance in logical reasoning on the basis of which the employers judge his ability for the job.

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