Drag NANO Pod Review: Could This Be 2019's No.1 Pod Vape ?

  • The VooPoo Drag was a stunning mod, and now VooPoo is back with a pod system version of it which goes by the name of the VooPoo Drag NANO Pod – but is it any good ?

    VooPoo makes good-looking vape devices. Everybody knows this. But the VooPoo Drag NANO Pod is impressive, even for VooPoo. Looking like a SkyNet-designed version of the MiPod, the VooPoo Drag NANO Pod is quite the looker. And its beauty isn't just skin-deep.

    VooPoo has packed the VooPoo Drag NANO Pod with its GENE chip, and this chipset brings with it masses of performance and safety features. You have draw-activated firing, variable voltage, and “Cold Boot Mode” for kicking out even more flavor from each draw.

    Powered by a 750mAh battery, the VooPoo Drag NANO Vape Pod will go all-day-long, providing you top her up during the day. Do this and you’ll be vaping all day and night without any issues whatsoever. You even have fast charge too, so even if you do run out of juice, you can quickly top it up (less than 40 minutes for 70%).

    Voopoo Drag Nano Kit Price $33.99 ,Just visit this link: https://www.voopoo.com/goods/drag-nano.html